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Registered: 23.07.2009
21.02.10 23:23:04
In Video Editor I have a problem getting the correct part trimmed. When I click on the Trim icon and
the window comes up with Start Time and End Time, I specify, for example, to start at 00:00:000 (beginning)
and 00:20:000 (end of trim) - meaning I want to trim the first 20 seconds of a 3-minute clip. The result:
it RETAINS the first 20 seconds of the clip and TRIMS the rest of the 3-minute clip which is the OPPOSITE
of what I want to do.

What's wrong with the range I am inputting?
Experienced User
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Registered: 22.02.2010
22.02.10 13:47:04
To: groovy3130

I haven't used the Trim function in AVS yes, but in other software that I've used, the Trim function always saves the portion of video between the numbers you specify. The first number is where you want your video to start and the ending is where it should stop. Everything outside of those numbers is "trimmed" off. If AVS works this way then it's going what it should. Try putting in 00:20:000 as the beginning number and the end of your video as the end. See if that works.

Alternately, what I've done is use the split tool to cut the clip and then delete the portion I don't want. In your case I would move the timeline until it was at 20 seconds, then split it. Then select the first part of the clip and simply delete.

Support Manager
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23.02.10 05:46:03
The first number is where you want your video to start and the ending is where it should stop.


start and end moments (shown in a screenshot)
The outsides will be trimmed off.

Posts: 76
Registered: 23.07.2009
26.02.10 06:54:14
To: Al

Me, being a first timer doing this editing, it is natural to INTERPRET the window as TRIM FROM .... TO .... and not KEEP FROM ..... TO....

Will give this a shot and .....Thank you, guys.
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