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Registered: 28.12.2009
01.01.10 07:25:22
I've used your products since March of 2009 (paying customer) and I've been using the "check for updates" function in the Software Navigator program to update my programs to newer versions. I was getting programs updated that way but recently the Navigator program says that there are no new updates for the 16 programs that I have installed on my computer.

I decided to check the latest version of all 16 of these programs on the downloads page of your web site and I found that there were 6 programs that have newer versions available that the Software Navigator program was not picking up to download.

The 6 programs are:

Audio Editor (had on my computer)
Cover Editor (had 1.3.1)
DVD Copy (had
Photo Editor (had
Video Converter (had
Video Remaker (had

I had to manually download each of the new program versions, uninstall the old versions and then install the new versions from scratch. I got no e-mails about any of these updates either.

Any idea why the Navigator program isn't picking these updates up? Thanks!
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Registered: 22.01.2009
10.01.10 03:56:58
To: rollerreftom

AVS Software Navigator loads minor updates, it does not recognize new programs or versions which has undergone significant changes. I will report this drawback to our developers and they will consider improving this function.

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