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Registered: 18.06.2008
18.06.08 12:55:46
Can't seem to get the dvd to play on anything but my computer ... what am I doing wrong?
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Registered: 16.05.2008
19.06.08 00:18:21
To: judytreadwell


what am I doing wrong?

To understand what you are doing wrong, we need to know what are you doing.
IOW we need more information about that issue:

- specify the software you use;
- describe your actions step by step;
- specify the format of the file you are trying to convert and its origin;
- specify to which format you convert and which presets do you select;

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Registered: 18.06.2008
19.06.08 07:35:55
To: Dam
Hi... ok... first I connect my DV camcorder set it on AV-DV for downloading(also have tried DV- for downloading)
-2nd I open Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premere Elements and download my movie
-I've check all the settings for the cd/dvd on my computer and on the programs they all seem to be on the correct settings ie NTSC support format.
-I've tried converting using the Program for AVS, I've tried burning using the AVS Disc Creator..everything I try and my disc still only play on my computer.
-I've also made sure when I download that Windows movie maker is to to AVI
-This problem started when I put Zune on my computer..

Is this enought info? Thanks for getting back to me so fast.. I know we'll get this working...

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Registered: 16.05.2008
20.06.08 01:02:36
To: judytreadwell


As far as I understood, you want to play video captured from DV camcoder on the DVD player.

To do it you can:
1. As you have a DV camcoder you can use AVS DV to DVD software to capture video from the camera and save it into DVD format. After the video is captured in the DVD format, please burn it on the disc and play on your DVD player.

2. You can take already captured video and convert it to the format, supported by your DVD player and burn it on the DVD disc. Here you can use Video Converter 6

If You want to upload the captured video to Zune, please use Video Converter or Video to Go for that and choose to Zune preset (see the attachments). When the conversion is ready, you will be proposed to upload it to the Zune.

Best Regards.
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