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Registered: 10.08.2008
10.08.08 10:07:21
I have created a DVD that i would like to burn and when i click build DVD it looks like the process is going normally... I choose DVD and it recognizes it as a writable disc until after the video is converted. After the video is converted i hit burn to disc and it says the disc that has remained in the drive is not not writable...so i put a different disc in and it says burn complete but when i go to play it the DVD player does not read it. Please help i have already sent things into email customer support and after 48 hours have not recieved an email and i am not happy with the amount of DVDs i am wasting because they aren't cheap...
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12.08.08 01:30:56
To: Gman618


so i put a different disc in and it says burn complete

Please try to play this disc on your PC to make sure that the burning was successful.

when i go to play it the DVD player does not read it

Please specify whether the disc type you use (DVD-RW,DVD+RW...) is compatible with your DVD player.

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20.08.08 17:28:46
Are you using DVD -R? If so, I've had the same problem. From what I've been able to gather from various forums on the Net, Windows XP has driver issues when it comes to DVD -R media. If you look under My Computer at your DVD burner before you put in a DVD -R it (the drive) appears as what it is-- a DVD drive. But when you put a blank DVD -R in it it will change to a "Cd-ROM" drive in My Computer. And if you right click on the drive and click on "Properties" in the menu it shows a DVD -R with 0 data on it and 0 data free.

From what I've been able to glean, some programs have a problem burning DVD's to DVD -R media because of this problem. If you have a drive capable of burning to DVD +R, DVD -RW, or DVD +RW you can probably use one of those. I haven't seen any indications those have problems online. I don't know because my burner is an ancient (in computer terms) DVD-RAM/DVD -R drive so I can't use those media. My solution was to find a free burning program that takes the folder containing the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders and burning them to the DVD.

The particular program I use is called IMGBurn from www.imgburn.com

The Pink Phantom
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