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Registered: 09.09.2009
09.09.09 03:30:32
Video editing is I recon' one of the hardest bits of software to get right. I have now tried half a dozen well known video editors. They have all been flawed within an hour or so of use. Many crash. Many produce inadequate results. Many are difficult to use. Many lack support for certain video formats. I have been very pleased with the AVS suite. It WORKS. It gives very high quality results. It is STABLE. Customer support took a while but was accompanied with an apology. I came across the software after many many searches - it does not seem to have much vision on the web. So - If we find the software really good we should shout a bit louder on the web.

Thanks AVS for some really reliable quality software beating so many 'big-boys'.

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10.09.09 16:23:01
To: robellison@email.com

I tried to edit a mpeg file to cut the ads out and when I tried to save the file the program stated that it was going to take over 40 hours to save a 90 minute long video. I have a 3.2 P4 duel processor with 1G ram, running XP which also has 512 ati agp graphics card and 2 sata drives in raid 0 set up.

How long does it take to save edited video on your computer?
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14.09.09 03:08:52
To: robert_9422@hotmail.com

Guess I am no expert and run a laptop with less power. Vista here but 4Mb RAM. Maybe a bit more RAM would help but a free tool to check your processing may be useful to see if your memory is being used intensively.

I have only used small files so far but would expect an hours video to take several hours to render. Have you tried turning off all other activity (network, AV etc) temporarily?

I'm sure my advice will be useless thanks for reading !

Support Manager
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16.09.09 04:47:22
To: robellison@email.com

You are right, turning off of all other activity will decrease CPU load (but that's only one side of the problem)
Format of source video and preset of the conversion are more importent

To: robert_9422@hotmail.com

Please specify the settings of the conversion (profile, source and format of the original video)
Do you have such problems with all conversions?
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17.11.10 18:41:51
To: robert_9422@hotmail.com

The other thing to realise is that such editors often give you an "estimate" of the time initially that is not entirely accurate. When i did a unit in Video for my Bachelors we used Adobe Premiere, and initially it would give you estimates for processing in days (the most unbelievable estimate was 2.15 years). As the processing went on however the estimate would shrink and shrink until it matched what it really was.

Maybe that's the case here.
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