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Registered: 23.08.2009
23.08.09 09:01:00
I have gotten this error several times using DVD copy. The DVD plays in Media Player. I have copied several other DVD's. One with the same error, but when I copied a copy, everything worked fine. I have reinstalled the software, and deleted and reinstalled the burner. I have attached a screenshot. Any ideas? I also ran the repair with everything successful. When I eject and re-insert, or browse to find the DVD drive the software freezes up and I have to Task Manager to end it. Running a 32bit Vista system. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
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24.08.09 04:06:03
To: barnholio

Before launching AVS DVD Copy please close all other applications/windows. Make sure the burner is not used by any other programs at that moment.

Check up the disc surface - make sure it is not scratched.

Do you have any burning problems when using any other software on this burner? The problem might be that your burner does not function properly/needs to be cleaned.

Best regards
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