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Registered: 26.12.2008
26.12.08 23:47:08
I found the shareware version of AVS DVD to GO and liked what it let me use. It only recorded about 2 minutes of the movie then would speed along and "finish" up. I assumed this was just because it was the trial version. I liked it so I registered with the $60 option and now in the suite it does not have AVS DVD to GO and when I tried my registration number on the shareware program that did not work either. That one is asking for a REGISTRATION NAME and a SERIAL NUMBER. I didn't get those two items I simply got a LICENSE KEY and even that is not working on my AVS DVD COPY even though it says it was successful when I put it in.

What do I need to do to get the AVS DVD to GO working? that is the only program I really wanted since I enjoy watching DVD's on my PSP and the program I had suddenly stopped working.
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30.12.08 04:09:25
To: mustang@theriver.com


We do not provide that software for a long time!

That is AVS Video to Go that we offer instad of AVS DVD to Go. You can download AVS Video to Go following this link. and that will be registered with your activation key.

Best Regards
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