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Registered: 12.11.2008
12.11.08 08:44:57
I have run into a problem while trying to convert an .avi video file that contains captions, to a .wmv file (while keeping the captions) For some reason, they are not carrying over. If anyone has experienced this before, or has a suggestion, it would be most appreciated! -JLyons
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Registered: 16.05.2008
13.11.08 00:37:55
To: JLyons


Please follow this link to the post on the forum, where we discussed caption issue. Nex time, please make some search on the forum, or use tags.

Best Regards
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Registered: 28.04.2010
28.04.10 10:58:30
To: Dam

The link you quote deals with subtitles. I'm not looking for DVD subtitles, but the embedded US Closed Captioning, in line 21 of the NTSC video signal.
The captioning is carried as packets in the MPEG2 data stream on most Region 1 DVDs.

I'm using the Panasonic DMR-EZ28 DVD recorder which offers decoding of the CC data stream. On, DVD-RAM, it records data as IFO/VRO files, supported by AVS Video Converter.

There is an accompanying program for the PC, DVD-MovieAlbum, which can export/import MPEG data from/to DVD-RAM in the VRO format supported by the recorder. Using the sister program VRcopy, I archive recorded TV programs on a large hard disc on my PC. However, sometimes I need to bring in files from a DVD not recorded by me. I use AVS Video Converter to do this.

However, when I convert data to MPEG using AVS Video Converter, the captioning information is lost.

Anyone found a way around that? Or is this a permanent restriction for the AVS Video Converter?

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29.04.10 07:01:53
To: zaphodnl

Hello Henrik,

Unfortunately, DVD closed captions are not supported by our software. We are sorry if it may be of any inconvenience.

We plan to support them in one of the next version of AVS Video Converter.

Best regards.
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Registered: 08.11.2011
13.06.12 21:01:24
Although closed captions are supposedly not supported in the video editor, about a week ago they started showing up in dvr-ms files that I imported into the editor,and I can't get rid of them. Sometimes they're in sync with the audio and sometimes the lag by a couple of seconds. When I play the same files in Windows Media Center, they don't appear, as I have WMC set to show them only if the audio is muted. So far, tech support, as usual, has been of no help. If anybody else has encountered this problem and found a solution, I'd sure like to know about it. I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

Thanks, Bill
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14.06.12 08:06:44
To: billandann@q.com


Your request was processed at our support system:

Best regards.
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