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Registered: 26.03.2009
26.03.09 10:37:24
Does anyone have any tips for converting video files for playback on a Sony Experia?
Please note that Windows Media Player must be used for playback on this device.
Core Player does not support the Qualcomm processor used in the Experia.
Thanks for your suggestions!
Support Manager
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Registered: 06.05.2008
30.03.09 02:21:39
To: STH77

WMP does support Qualcomm's video accelerator but doesn't have lots of codecs.
(I hope next Core Player will work with Qualcomm in full )
WMP will play 800x480 using accelerator... what about format, I'd recommend mp4.
Try to use one of 640x480 presets under MP4 bookmark.

P.S. Core will play 320x240 videos. ( if you need 320x240 ;-) )
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