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Registered: 26.09.2010
01.06.11 20:54:27
To: PastorLonnie

Vlad, just to let you know... I spent about 4 hours today deleting practically EVERY program on my computer (the exceptions being key operating system files, Internet Explorer and the AVS software -- I didn't want to have to go through the hassle of getting another license (activation) key and because I'd already tried doing that once before), restoring my system back to well before the issue began and then attempting to run AVS Video Editor. Same issue. I did this because you said that it was obvious that something on my end had changed. I wanted to make certain that everything on my end was a 'pure and pristine' as possible. I even went so far as to uninstall my ASUS keyboard ATK Package -- which means that I had ZERO special options.

Each time I uninstalled a component I rebooted my system and then tried the AVS Editor by clicking on File and NEW PROJECT and then attempting to type something in the TEXT dialogue box.

Any ideas from your end?

Pastor Lonnie
Posts: 25
Registered: 26.09.2010
03.06.11 19:03:19
To: Vlad

Vlad, just wanted to let you know that I figured out the problem. It was quite simple once I did a bit of digging on the Internet to find out if anyone else had ever had the problem I was talking about.

It turns out that it was the Anti-KeyLogging aspect of Norton's Constant Guard that was causing the problem. I uninstalled Constant Guard and your program is again working OKAY.

It seems as though there are MANY different Anti-Key Logging pieces of software on the market so I wouldn't be surprised if you have others reporting the same or a similar problem as I had.

PLEASE consider having one of your software engineers take a look at the Anti-Key Logging software to see what can be done so that your AVS Software is no longer affected by them. This shouldn't be too hard because, from what I understand from a computer programmer who is a friend of mine, they all run on basically the same computational algorithms.

I'm very glad that I finally had the time to type in a few questions via Google so that I ended up with the answer since no one at AVS seemed to have a clue either.


Pastor Lonnie
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Registered: 29.01.2012
07.06.11 07:47:35
To: PastorLonnie

Dear Pastor,

That's great news!*SUPER*

We will test the issue with anti-key logging software and see what can be done with it.

Other users have not reported about this problem, but, I think your experience will be valuable. Thank you for letting us know about the solution!!!

Kind regards.
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Registered: 17.01.2012
17.01.12 22:43:11
When I type a letter all I get is numbers. Not sure is this is a flaw with the program. I have turned off my Num locks, still no luck. Any ideas?
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Registered: 29.01.2012
18.01.12 06:59:48
To: boone27


Please note the discussion above. It may be that Anti-KeyLogging aspect of Norton's Constant Guard causes the issue. Try disabling it to avoid the problem.

Best regards.
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