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Registered: 31.08.2016
30.09.16 18:48:40
If i want to see the video effects (the yellow star picture), all are black sreen. If i load a picture like JPG, i see nothing only black screen.

I have the trial version, i want to buy this programm but i have fear if i buy i will still have preview black screen problem.

I am the only user whit this problem ?
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Registered: 03.07.2008
04.10.16 09:43:45
To: Peter78

Dear user,

Please send us the screenshots with settings from your video card control panel.

Inform about the result also when you change your video card.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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Registered: 09.09.2017
09.09.17 22:20:24
The preview shows only a part of the video as shown by the attached file.

Any tip to fix this will be greatly appreciated.
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Registered: 08.09.2009
10.09.17 13:53:04
To: hz10

The problem of upper-left image (partially displayed video) on preview is actual for scalable GUI and some video cards NVidia in Windows 8/8.1/10 with enlarged/increased DPI (scale 125%, 150%, 200%, etc.). The issue is related to video card drivers or its settings.

"Use video buffer" is a new option in our video-products from release 2017.01 and is intended for solving that problem. Previously, we used only one mode of video rendering - "Allow video overlay" (by default). Now we give you the possibility to change mode depending on the situation.

Using of video buffer allows you to solve problems of black screen or partially displayed video, to output video to the second screen and to make screenshots in the usual way (PrintScreen, Alt+PrintScreen).

If everything is OK, we recommend to users to use a video overlay, and in case of problems - a video buffer.

You can set this option here:
Settings -> Preview -> Video rendering.
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Registered: 14.07.2012
27.09.17 00:08:33
Clips and still photos imported into Media Library and then moved to Main Movie are correctly aligned, but in Payback many images are reversed. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
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Registered: 08.09.2009
27.09.17 10:05:18
To: alwann

Please, make a screenshot and send it to us.
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