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Registered: 02.06.2013
03.06.13 21:43:03
I continue to have video/audio sync problem when recording with AVS Video Recorder. Please help me.

I am running a Sony VAIO laptop with an i5 processer,6G of memory and windows 8. All drivers are up

to date and working properly.

I am using AVS to record videos of me playing guitar and singing. The internal camera on the laptop

is the video source, and the audio source is an analog microphone connected to an Alesis

Multimix8USBFX soundboard with USB out connected to a USB input on my laptop. (This is the only

device connected, and only application running) I have also tested using the Sony onboard microphone and onboard camera. Both configurations have the synchronization problem. i.e. the audio is delayed from the video by several seconds in both configurations. I am using the recommended video format

selection. Please see test video recordings as example of issue. (Links attached below)


I uninstalled AVS Video Recorder and reinstalled it from the AVS Download site to insure I have the

latest version.

I have read numerous forums, and see that syncronization is a common problem for many AVS users. The only users with the sync problem that appear to have fixed it, discuss setting the buffer in the register to on, however I do not know how to make register changes.

Can you help me? I will say that AVS Audio Editor, and AVS Video Editor work great and have a good amount of functionality. I just need help with the Video Recorder.
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Registered: 15.02.2013
05.06.13 12:59:03
Dear Carl,

Your request has been answered in On-line support system http://support.avs4you.com/support.aspx

Best regards
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29.08.20 19:30:53
To: Tess

Please post this answer so that others with the same issue can see the answer.
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01.09.20 14:06:19
To: TheUCF

Please read your topic.
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