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Registered: 29.08.2020
29.08.20 18:46:09
I have a USB connected webcam and a USB connected microphone. When I use the audio from the web cam all is well, and the audio and video are in sync. I am okay with the preview window and the headphone output being several seconds delayed.

When I use the audio from the external device, the audio is 'real time' and the video is delayed. I need a setting to get them in sync, Either I need to be able to eliminate the video delay, or add a comparable audio delay.

Help! We need to use an external microphone..
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01.09.20 14:02:36
To: TheUCF

Here are our advices:
1. Close other resource-intensive applications (including internet browser) and AVSVideoEditor.
2. Do not perform large disk operations (reading, writing, copying).
3. Run c:\Program Files (x86)\AVS4YOU\AVSVideoRecorder\AVSVideoRecorder.exe - in common mode.
4. Run AVSVideoRecorder using AVSVideoRecorder_DoNotSyncAudio.bat - in special mode.
5. Run AVSVideoRecorder using AVSVideoRecorder_ResampleAudio.bat - in another special mode.
6. Try to use native video format with smaller frame size or bitrate.
7. There may be some problems with MJPEG codec in Windows 10 - try to use another native format.
8. Try to use another USB port/hub.
9. Try to update drivers for webcam and audio format.
10. Try to update Windows.
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