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Experienced User
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Registered: 01.01.2009
04.09.11 12:11:28
In Video Converter you can add chapter markers in Edit mode, and create a batch of files split at the chapter points.

It would make my life a lot easier if the same could be done in Video Editor.

Is there any chance of this being incorporated sometime?


Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
09.09.11 12:14:48
To: jcthomson

Hello James,

Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward it to our developers.

Best regards.
Posts: 11
Registered: 25.05.2012
27.05.12 14:55:17
To: jcthomson

Hi. Anyone looking into this? Looks like a useful one in the long run.
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Registered: 20.05.2010
28.05.12 08:47:49
To: gavind


Unfortunately, this feature is still not realized.

Best regards.
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