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Registered: 12.11.2023
12.11.23 08:55:23
I have an unlimited licence for AVS4YOU. This means limited to the first computer you ever install it on. I'm not joking, read the User Agreement.

So "unlimited" means "limited". I mean, there's spin and then there's real spin.

I am now replacing my old computer with a new one. Completely retiring it, uninstalling all software etc.

AVS4YOU are insisting I have to buy a new licence because of this.

So my question is, can anyone suggest another video and audio converter that does not suffer from this misleading licence scenario. thanks.
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Registered: 06.06.2023
14.11.23 08:04:14
To: GeoffBeggs


Please be informed that AVS4YOU License Agreement has not been changed and is present on the official AVS4YOU site.
All the information about the terms of using AVS4YOU Software you can also find following the links to the official site:

1) Frequently Asked Questions

2) Buy Now (FAQ section)

Thank you for the understanding,
Best regards.
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Registered: 28.12.2020
07.01.24 02:46:08
This is an interesting one. I bought AVS4YOU a long time ago and installed it on a computer in about 2012 or so. Already upgraded the OS, the processor,, memory cards, video card, power supply...well, the only thing left is the motherboard. I'm keeping the case and power supply along with the hard drives. Is this still considered the same "computer?"
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Registered: 06.06.2023
08.01.24 07:32:53
To: dukecityman


Please note, the license should function with the new configuration of your personal computer after you add expansion cards and adapters, change the display and so on.

If you have a registration issue, please contact us via the support system. The link is below:

Best regards!
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