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Registered: 27.09.2022
27.09.22 19:05:28
There is this one clip in the project I’m working on that just doesn’t want to be exported correctly no matter what.  It will export correctly when I make an .avs project that’s just that one clip, but whenever I export it as part of my project it either looks extremely pixelated or has audio/video synchronization issues just for that one clip.  I’ve tried everything from trying to convert the clip into every different format with every piece of video conversion software I have, re-converting the converted video in a different video conversion, and most baffling of all not even uploading it to youtube and ripping it from there or trying to capture it with screen capturing software will work, no matter what this one scene always comes out pixelated or out of sync, what is going on, the fact that ripping it from YouTube and trying to screen capture it didn’t work is absolutely baffling
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29.09.22 12:40:08
To: DaneClark


What are the input parameters of that file which looks pixelated when producing a project? And what output parameters you set for the project?

We also recommend to use "Video for Slideshow" profiles available for MP4/MOV formats.

Best regards
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