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20.10.20 23:40:03
On a side note, whenever I do produce, im never really sure what to choose as far as file type, codec, etc. Is there a video tutorial on this topic so that I can get a better understanding?

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21.10.20 12:05:05
To: alexsunny123

Dear user,

The output parameters depend on the input file parameters and the purpose (share on the Internet, get a video with high quality etc).

Let us explain the main output parameters which affect the output video quality:

- output format. In AVS Video Editor you can select video category:

- File (create files to play on your personal computer or TV) - good video quality, output file can be of a big size
- Disc (to burn files to DVD or Blu-Ray discs) - you can save your files using standard DVD and Blu-Ray parameters
- Mobile (to play videos on your mobile device)
- Web (to share your video on the Internet (Youtube, Facebook etc.) - high data compression and small file size and quite good video quality at the same time

We recommend you to read the "Best quality output video settings" and "What you should know about video formats" topics in our blog

- Frame Size - the size of a single video frame: width x height, measured in pixels.
Most popular: HD (1280х720), Full HD (190х1080), 2k QHD (2560х1440), 4k UHD (3840х2160)

- Bitrate - number of bits per second => the higher value = the better video quality

- Frame Rate (fps) - tells you how many frames per second there are when recording or playing video => the higher value > the smoother video playback

- Codec - method in which video data is encoded into a file and decoded when the file is played back
We recommend to convert files using H.264/AVC codec.

To avoid problems with bad quality in the output video we recommend to select the profile with the parameters (Frame size, Frame Rate, Bitrate) at least equal to the input file or higher.

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask!

Best regards
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