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Registered: 22.06.2014
09.10.20 01:19:13
I have a video where the mono track is only on the left side. The right side is blank. I want to have the left track to be a mono track.

I have tried the suggestion on this page - it does not work:http://forum.avs4you.com/posts.aspx?lng=ENG&t=786

I've tried opening the video in the audio editor, converting the track to mono, then saving the file. It saves only to the left side.

Is there any way to get the audio to play in both tracks?

.MP4 video
AVS Audio Editor
AVS Video Editor
Windows 10
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Registered: 08.09.2009
09.10.20 13:37:19
To: chepp

Please try to import audio from video in AVSAudioEditor, convert it to mono file (WAV or MP3), then add source video to main line in AVSVideoEditor and created audio file (after AVSAudioEditor) to audio mix line and mute audio from video file on the main line.
Posts: 3
Registered: 22.06.2014
09.10.20 20:57:41
To: RomanN
Perfect - thank you!
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