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Registered: 03.06.2020
03.06.20 15:17:35
I've used AVS applications for about 1½ years ans am very satisfied with this bundle of tools.

My question is simply if an AI Upscale is considered?
There's a lot of older material in people's drawers that could use an upscale preserving the quality or even clean up.

Using the highest output quality available you naturally gain little loss, but the outcome almost always enlarge the noise / missing pixels as well.
I lately saw some examples of what they named 'AI Upscale' of older vintage movies. The result was actually decent if you consider the base material.

Is it too much to hope for this to appear in the AVS4YOU regi?


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Registered: 27.02.2019
08.06.20 09:12:01
To: Mushashi

Dear user,

Thank you for your suggestion!
We will forward it to our developers for further consideration.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Best regards
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