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Registered: 29.03.2017
28.09.19 19:28:35
Hi there,

Are there any team members around to answer my support ticket? It has been sitting around there for a day and a half, my support assistant is supposed to be a certain "Tammy" but she does not show up. What is going on? I am a paying customer, I purchased my AVS for you Editor in November 2013, and am still using it on the same computer, but now it is degrading the quality of my edited videos. I need a new download link to reinstall the editor, and see if that will make a difference.

Please stop ignoring my call of assistance!

Here is a link to my support form: https://support.avs4you.com/Support.aspx

Thanks in advance,

Aimee Waasdorp (Mabel Amber)
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Registered: 27.02.2019
30.09.19 11:01:15
To: Aimee Waasdorp

Hello Aimee,

Your message was replied in the online support system https://support.avs4you.com/StartWith.aspx
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