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Registered: 25.10.2018
25.10.18 03:43:36
I'm having an issue with the Burning Fade transition wonder if anyone can help with. I also notice the same issue with Burning Fire transition.

It seems there are two variations to this transition. One goes from the outside->in, and the other from the inside->out. Revealing the next section from the center or from the edges. You can see the two variations when you double click the transition (sometimes takes a couple clicks to get it to change). Anyway, when I use this transition in my video sometimes it is one way, and using it for another transition it goes the other way. Kind of annoying because I want them to be consistent.

Does anyone know how to pick one or the other and not have it randomly decide between the two. I want them all to be from inside->out, from the center.

All support ever says it. "try to uninstall and reinstall". Tried that like 10 times with no change.

Thanks for any help.
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26.10.18 11:08:19
To: jberg

Dear user,

Thank you for the information.

I will pass it over to our developers team.

For now please use some other transition.

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards
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02.11.18 19:43:45
Love your blog man. Thanks for this stuff.
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