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Registered: 16.07.2017
16.07.17 23:39:40
Hi All,

I'm have an odd sound quality issue on a project with screen capture used as the video/audio source. The video is fine, and when playing the file in the preview window, the audio is fine. But when you drag the file into a project (the main video line), the sound has a lot static and pops in it. This noise stays in the project when you produce it, resulting in low sound quality. The interesting thing is that if you play the raw (AVS) file from the screen capture in another player (like windows media player) the audio quality is also fine.

Any ideas on what could cause this?

I am using AVS4You Video Editor with Windows 10.

Thanks in advance!

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Registered: 08.04.2016
17.07.17 11:41:57
To: Kululu17

Hello David,

Thank you for contacting us.

We recommend you to update AVS Video Editor to the newest version (7.5) following the steps below:

(a) Follow this link and download the utility that will automatically remove all AVS software components from your PC. Save the utility on your computer and launch it.

(b) Download the latest versions of the necessary programs from our website.

(c) Now install the software on your PC anew.

If the problem persists after the reinstallation, let us know.

Best regards
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