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Registered: 05.07.2017
05.07.17 12:23:48
When i put a file mp4 it says me that the file doesnt exist, even if a convert those file into another type of file such as .avi, that occurs me in video editor and video converter
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05.07.17 16:37:59
To: Tedor04

Perhaps, you use special characters (umlauts) in paths or file names.

Most AVS programs are non-Unicode applications (regarding .exe with GUI, not DLLs), so they have some restrictions.

If you set the needed language (for example, some Western European - Dutch for you) in system settings for non-Unicode programs, you can use special characters (umlauts):
Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Language for non-Unicode programs (Windows system reboot is required).
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04.11.18 18:23:58
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