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Registered: 01.02.2017
01.02.17 04:34:55
I have purchased from you today the latest version of AVS Video Editor, but when I installed it is the old version (7.1) not 7.5, why is that??

I had installed in my computer the old one 7.1..(free one) and uninstalled before i started to install this new purchased item...

What is the problem???
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Registered: 08.09.2009
01.02.17 14:14:27
To: Vladazar

Please, check the version of installation in file properties before setup process or on the Welcome page of setup wizard. Perhaps you have installed older version 7.1 over the new version 7.5.1. There is an actual version 7.5.1 of AVS Video Editor installation on our web site.

If you will try to install the new version 7.5.1 over the old 7.1 you will get the new version 7.5.1 as a result.
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