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04.10.16 09:40:05

Dear user,

We do not recommend you to use the previous versions of the software.

To get the output file of high quality please select the input file parameters like frame rate, frame size and bitrate for the output by clicking on the Advanced button after selecting the format. To check the input file parameters right click on the video in media library - choose Properties.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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20.01.17 06:46:44
Dear AVS4YOU users,

We would like to invite you to AVS4YOU support service blog.

See how to create video of the best quality using AVS4YOU here.

Kind regards
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26.09.17 12:39:34
Dear, I have a problem,
I could not see in full what was edited before,
the 3/4 screening image is hidden on the top of the left hand and the next scene button is on, sound is on when we select to play from the project , but when we play from the timeline, it plays fast without sound.
plz help me
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28.09.17 07:47:55
To: pondycastle

The problem of upper-left image (partially displayed video) on preview is actual for scalable GUI and some video cards NVidia in Windows 8/8.1/10 with enlarged/increased DPI (scale 125%, 150%, 200%, etc.). The issue is related to video card drivers or its settings.

"Use video buffer" is a new option in our video-products from release 2017.01 and is intended for solving that problem. Previously, we used only one mode of video rendering - "Allow video overlay" (by default). Now we give you the possibility to change mode depending on the situation.

Using of video buffer allows you to solve problems of black screen or partially displayed video, to output video to the second screen and to make screenshots in the usual way (PrintScreen, Alt+PrintScreen).

If everything is OK, we recommend to users to use a video overlay, and in case of problems - a video buffer.

You can set this option here:
Settings -> Preview -> Video rendering.
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07.11.23 15:50:58
I only have a dual core system - would it make a difference if I changed my graphics card? - eg: to a CUDA enabled one?
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14.11.23 07:46:06
To: tunderrunz


Please note, to avoid some issues which may occur when rendering video or faster the process of rendering you may use CUDA. Following AVS4YOU User Guides, you will find the required instructions on setting the preferred graphics processor for the AVS4YOU applications.

If you have further questions or you have faced some issues using the software, please inform us.

Best regards!
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