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Posts: 5
Registered: 06.05.2013
06.05.13 12:20:50
Thank you AVS for video editor! It is easy to use and delivers HD.

What can I share? Best Deprogramming Videoblog Collection https://youtube.com/watch?v=DfWkE_vbMN0

Alternative link to watch this http://relate4ever.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/deprog-collection

More to come and looking forward to experience more with it.
Posts: 2364
Registered: 03.07.2008
08.05.13 12:29:37
To: relate4ever

Thank you for your positive post!
Posts: 59
Registered: 15.06.2013
15.06.13 00:28:31
That's awesome relate. You really put it some of your time here. Glad to know there are satisfied users around.
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Registered: 05.06.2019
05.06.19 18:56:34
I purchased the unlimited package of AVS4YOU and used it from year to year, but today, I went to use it, and every single webcam video I made I cannot do anything with them other than watch.

Unable to use the AVS4You Video Editor
The error I get is it tells me the location of the video I created
then below
File Format Error

{ This is not funny }

Please help
Posts: 2364
Registered: 03.07.2008
10.06.19 06:42:22
To: anthony514

Dear user,

Please try to provide some additional information about the problems you have:
- specify your PC configuration: right click on My computer > Properties
- specify how many and what video cards you use,
specify what settings are selected in AVS Video Editor acceleration: press the Edit button on the top toolbar of AVS Video Editor - choose Settings -> Acceleration -> Intel Media decoder.

Thank you for the information.

Kind regards
Posts: 2
Registered: 14.03.2021
14.03.21 20:38:55
To: relate4ever
It is ok but very limited. No 4k support or unusable when converting and they must have updated the agreement because when I built my new computer my key no longer works. this is the second new computer I have built since getting unlimited and did not have a problem the first time.

Not a bad product but a low life company.

Never again will I spend my money on this product when there are much more powerful tools for the same price, or for free.
Posts: 196
Registered: 27.02.2019
18.03.21 10:37:02
To: crw1969

Dear user,

We regret to hear that you don't satisfied with AVS4YOU software.
Your feedback will be forwarded to our developers.

Best regards
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