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Posts: 21
Registered: 25.09.2008
07.10.08 09:18:05
I like the rotate and flip ability of AVS Converter, because sometimes I shot MOV files from inside or outside my car with upside down camera. The camera is stuck to the window with suction mount.

I rotate my videos with AVS converter. Then, I tried QT PRO Player for same rotate and flip actions. Everything goes well.

Importing the rotated video into AVS4YOU converter seems nothing was done....Interesting
Posts: 21
Registered: 25.09.2008
07.10.08 09:43:39
To: lzr

Follow up:

I converted the (non)rotated mov file in AVS converter and QT PRO displayed the right mov file.

So, I deduce the QT PRO rotates and flips for itself only. Probably QT Player sets internal transformation flag for the player
and that's all.
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