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Registered: 08.08.2012
08.08.12 07:35:13
I just got the unlimited license for the AVS4YOU system, and loading the first program, Audio Converter, my main use for this software was to convert about three dozen folders with .rm (RealAudio) files to MP3 format.

-I installed the program and the RealAudio pak.

-I selected the Sound of Music folder on my computer

-I changed the .rm extention to .ra, since Audio Converter doesn't recognize .rm as an audio file.

-I tested the (now) .ra files with RealAudio, and they all played just fine.

-1 selected ALL (CTL-A), then told the program to load the files to be converted.

-Audio Converter loaded the first two files in the folder, then EVERY OTHER ONE for the rest of the list.

-Audio Converter marked ALL of the .rm (now .ra) files with an x in the bottom right hand corner of the icon, and gave an "UNKNOWN ERROR."

It couldn't read or convert them.

I have no idea why.

I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the Audio Converter program.

Re-tested, same UNKNOWN ERROR.

I have attached one of the .rm (now .ra) files below, in case any of you want to try it for yourself.

If you CAN get it to convert, you will be put back into my will. :)

The file attached is 020-sound.ra (The Sound Of Music). Please experiment and let me know what I'm missing. The .rm (now .ra) file was created with RealProducer @ 32K best music sound.

If anyone wants MORE of the files, just email me at rick@bway2.com and I'll send you the ZIP of all of the files that appeared in Audio Converter (the first two in the folder, followed by "every other file" in the rest of the folder.

Thanks for any assistance. If you need further system specs, just ask, and I'll be glad to fill in the blanks!
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08.08.12 10:12:31

You request was answered in Online Support System:

Best regards
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21.10.12 14:57:16
To: musikman1

Hi Musicman, if you would be so kind, can you please share the details on how to conversion from .rm was resolved?
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22.10.12 09:04:25
To: mithcd

If you faced any problems while using AVS Software we invite you to contact us and describe the problem.
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