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Registered: 07.04.2012
08.04.12 05:33:02
I have several video players on my computer(s), Windows Media Player, Roxio's CinePlayer, HP MediaSmart DVD Player and Apple's Quick Time Player. I recently completed a big video project with AVS software that required adding 15 chapters and a main menu to a large, 1.5 Gb WMV file that had to be converted to a DVD video file. The project completed successfully and I burned two DL DVD's. Each one was 5.38 Gb.

I watched parts of all the chapters on the HP DVD Player. The menu and chapters displayed and played correctly but the last two chapters of this 5 hr 23 min DVD appeared to have the audio out of sync with the video. I played them on a Digital DVD player and an old analog dvd player successfully. Then I played them with Windows Media Player and Roxio's CinePlayer with no problems, audio and video in sync.

I then retried these same two DVD's using the HP MediSmart DVD player and bingo the audio synch problem re-appeared. 2 computer based players and two commercial DVD players connected to a digital TV showed no problems, only the computer based HP Media Smart DVD player showed a problem.

I learned that not all computer DVD players are created equal. This is a good thing to keep in mind when evaluating the results of your projects also.
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09.04.12 11:43:17
To: PastorBob


Thank you for ypur information. It seems that HP Mediasmart DVD player's out of sync problem is known.
We suggest you to visit HP Support Forum.

Best regards
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