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Registered: 20.09.2011
10.10.11 03:16:58
I've been struggling to find a way to keep the aspect ratio from becoming squeezed when I edit videos recorded off of TV to DVD with AVS Video Editor 6.0. Every time I imported my VOB files into the program they became squeezed on the right and left sides, leaving black bars on either side. I finally FOUND the solution!

The key is to import ONLY the "Video_TS" file into AVS Video Editor, and NOT the VOB files as I had been doing. Once I did that, the video imported just fine with no squeezing of the video, and it edited a beautiful copy.

I hope others who have this problem will find this post and save the countless hours I wasted finding a solution.
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11.10.11 12:10:26
To: will7370


We are glad the issue resolved!


Best regards
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