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26.03.11 14:48:49

thank you for a solid software that has helped me a lot getting files converted to formats that my PlayStation 3 handles. It is by far the best software out there, but as with so many things, there are room for improvement.

I'd like to wish for improved *.ASS subtitle support. Currently the subtitles are found by the application and included in the finished converted file, though with some limitations. First I noticed is that subtitle lines do not "turn off", they are present on screen until they get replaced by the next line.

The line "Are you okay?" is spoken and subtitles show on screen.
There is a pause i dialogue, but the subtitle is still there. Normally it should have turned itself off shortly after the spoken line was finished.
The next line; "Yeah, it wasn't so bad" is spoken, replacing "Are you okay?", but again lingering on screen after the line has been spoken.

Another limitation is that sometimes you'd like separate subtitles lines that toggle on/off independently of each other.

There is a dialogue line "Please promise me you'll return" spoken and shown on screen as a subtitle.
Shortly after this subtitle line comes up, some text comes up that is hardsubbed into the video. A new subtitle line tells us what this text means; "Shanghai - March 1939"
The dialogue line lasts shorter than the hardsubbed line, but the hardsubbed line is written with Chinese characters, so you'll need subtitles to fully understand it.

You'll need to get the subtitle for the hardsubbed text to come in during the dialogue subtitle and last a little longer. This works fine with *.ASS subtitles, but this functionality is lost during conversion, so you'll have to trade one for the other. Usually it is first time, first served/displayed.

Another example is if you have two people talking with a television/radio chatter in the background, you'd want one subtitle for the main dialogue and one for the background dialogue with the television/radio. They need to toggle on/off interdependently of each other as rarely these separate dialogues are in sync.

I hope explained my wish with sufficient details so that your developers know what I'm after and can see if it can be somehow incorporated into a later version of the application.
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29.03.11 06:15:30
To: Straumoy


Thank you for your suggeston.

However, please note that we do not support .ass subtitles officially. Here you can find information about supported subtitles.

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