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Registered: 22.08.2012
22.08.12 04:22:29
Bought unlimited AVS video editor licence and editing VOB files.

All plays fine in preview, but when i "produce" any type of output file, sound stays in sync for about a minute then lag gets progressively worse until about 2 sec out. 20 min Video is in 10 smaller sections and all sections that are over 2 or so minutes suffer from the progressive lag. Each section starts fine, then gets worse.

Thinking it is an output setting but have tweaked to no result. - from youtube output the mpeg to mov. i7 - 16gb - nvidia295 / wn7-64 setup.

is it an audio setting? i am using the values that come up in the window but have attempted to adjust without result.

what settings or things should i be looking at to export properly for youtube or mpeg?

thanks all!
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22.08.12 08:16:10
To: lostinfla


Please add VIDEO_TS.IFO file from the DVD structure to AVS Video Editor. Converting separate VOBs instead of referring to a single IFO file may cause desynchronization between the audio and the video in your output file.
For guidelines on saving for web please click here. Here is information on saving to file in AVS Video Editor.

Best regards
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Registered: 22.08.2012
23.08.12 03:22:16
Ok, I have the file and imported it into the project... Stupid question, do i now use that as my "master" file and apply all the breaks and transitions to it without completely starting over.

the original file was just one vob that i sliced up with the program and placed titles and transitions into...

are you saying use the ifo file to place in the timeline and then apply the changes to?

im used to final cut and am using this specifically to edit the vob files from the littel mini discs.
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Registered: 10.04.2012
23.08.12 07:55:35
To: lostinfla

We encourage you to select the IFO file, because this file applies to the whole video stream and not to separate chapters.
Please import the file in AVS Video Editor and apply all the necessary changes to it.
You can check the result on Preview.

Best regards
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Registered: 23.08.2012
23.08.12 10:29:44

My problem is like in topic with sync. Firstly in 6.1 now in 6.2 Video Editor

I'm making video from short scence (from toshiba camileo cam), with muted oryginal sound and added track in mp3 format, in previw is everything good (firstly thought that) and after "produce" all is messed up.

After better look I realized that something is wrong with timeline in VE, and when f.ex. there is characteristic sound in audio track at 1:57 (winamp is showing that) Video Editor says it is at 2:07. 10 sec difference.

I thouth that its just some move of this so I sync preview to compensate that, preview wasn't sync but this point (1:57) in end file was good sync, but only this point.

Differance in another characteristic point at 0:51 (winamp) in VE is placed in 0:57 so only 6 secs

This is giving conclusion that timeline for audio track has incremental lag, when for video track it seams to be all normal.
At the end product it look like video track has own speed, audi its own, and its not posible to sync them at all (despite posibbility to "create" after every minor change in project to keep every synv in all 5 min length film)

Tnx in advance for helping in solving this issue

btw its not my first time using Video editor, and I've never encounter such problem

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Registered: 10.04.2012
24.08.12 07:28:50
To: Wilaszczuk


To avoid the problem please completely uninstall AVS4YOU software from your PC. Instructions below:

1. Go Start > All Programs > AVS4YOU > Uninstall. Please make sure to click the "Check All" button.

2. Follow this link and download the utility that will automatically remove all AVS software components from your PC. Save the utility on your computer and launch it. It is highly recommended to leave the default option "Delete license key-files" checked.

3. Download the latest versions of the necessary programs from our website:
Now install the software on your PC anew.

If it does not solve the issue please contact us again and specify your PC configuration.

Best regards.
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Registered: 05.11.2012
05.11.12 18:13:36

I am trying to convert some large MPEG-2 video files (ripped form DVDs sometiem ago) to the pre loaded ipad profile. While the conversion finished ok there is very bad audio sync issues!

Please can you give me some advice?

Doing the conversion on a Lenovo laptop running XP, 2GB RAM.

Input file (1.2 GB)
Frame Size: 720x576
Bitrate: 8264
Frame Rate: 25 fps

Audio: AC3
48000 Hz 16 bit
192 kbps
2 Ch
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Registered: 10.04.2012
06.11.12 09:05:14
To: jpmcnally


Make sure you are using the latest version of AVS Video Converter.

Please note, that when converting DVD in AVS Video Converter, we highly recommend to add VIDEO_TS.IFO file to AVS Video Converter.
Converting separate VOBs can cause desynchronization in the output file.
Click here for more guidelines on converting DVDs.

Best regards
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Registered: 05.11.2012
06.11.12 21:51:30
I am using the latest version .. the file i am converting is an mpg file.

Are these the results i should expect?
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Registered: 10.04.2012
07.11.12 06:57:30
To: jpmcnally

Please kindly provide some additional information on the issue:
- specify whether the input file plays back correctly in players on your PC and on preview of AVS Video Converter;
- attach a screenshot of Conversion options tab of AVS Video Converter;
- specify whether the output file plays back incorrectly in all players on your PC;
- specify your PC configuration (OS, CPU, Ram).

Best regards
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Registered: 17.12.2012
17.12.12 13:38:42
converted from mtv to mwv/mpeg and the video is not in sync with the audio. the titles with the issue are hd and were recorded by windows media center. any ideas? tu
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Registered: 03.07.2008
18.12.12 05:08:00
To: amabletrujillo

Dear User,

Please make sure you use the latest version of AVS Video Converter.

Have you tried to playback the input .mtv files? They don't have any problems with audio, do they?

Try to playback the input .mtv files on the preview window of AVS Video Converter by clicking on the Edit button, is thre any issue there?

If possible try to playback the output .wmv\.mpeg files on several players, do they all have the audio problem on playback?

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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Registered: 15.03.2012
15.03.12 16:20:02
I make avi files for HD YouTube, from the DVD of our show.
It used tio work fine, but I now have a big sound delay, in fact the sound finishes more than 10 seconds before the video ends.
What can cause tha desynchronization?
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Registered: 20.05.2010
16.03.12 07:19:32
To: daniel@dgsolutions.ca


Your request was processed at our support system:

Best regards.
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Registered: 24.04.2009
24.04.09 18:10:46
Got my head around how to work the Converter in the DEMO prior to purchase.
I successfully converted a MSWMM Video to both AVI and WMV format.
Both the AVI and WMV firmats successfully burned a DVD, without any problems and of course it appeared as stated ( by using the unregistered version ) with the watermark. It was perfect.
I then purchased the software, used the license number successfully:
Have made 3 attempts to burn the same sample with the registered version, All 3 attempts, 1.55 into the DVD the sound begins breaking up - and Visuals go shakey - HELP !!!

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Registered: 24.04.2009
24.04.09 20:31:35
I uninstalled the program, then reinstalled.
I then burnt another couple of DVD's - The first one didn't start to breakup with the sound until 2.05. So it moved along abit from 1.55 to 2.05. The next DVD I changed from "DVD NTSC HIGH QUALITY PLAY (HQ 60/108min.at 1 DVD/DL DVD Disc " ( I burned all previous DVD's on this profile ) The next DVD that I burned , I changed the profile to: DVD NTSC Standard Play ( Sp 120/217 min at 1.DVD/DL DVD Disc )
I thought that as the discs I am copying to, are "Imation" DVD+R 16x 2hr the 2 hours ( 120mins ) may have something to do with the problem - hense the change to a profile that showed 120/217min. The break up began at 2.20.
I also placed the original WMV that I am burning into the EDIT INPUT FILES and watched it on the monitor. NO BREAK UP in the sound at all....
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Registered: 24.04.2009
25.04.09 01:06:27
I re -un-installed Version 6 and - reinstalled TEST VERSION AVS TOOLS 5.6
Unfortunately my license # doesnt work on the 5.6 version. Burnt a DVD of my project on the TEST VERSION ( sure it came up with the watermark ) but there was no distortion in the sound or the pictures - The finished DVDt is exactly what I have been trying to achieve for the past 12 hours. Of course I dont want the watermark - Obviously no one who is in the know has bothered to check their website over that period of time ""TO SEE IF ANY OF "THEIR" CUSTOMERS ARE HAVING A PROBLEM""
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Registered: 24.04.2009
25.04.09 14:48:40
Today is SUNDAY APRIL 26th 2009 9.44am
I have come back to this site expecting to see some sort of response and help about maybe 10 - 12 times now.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
27.04.09 05:53:07
To: Hardhat

Sorry for not replying earlier!
We are really disappointed by the problems you have had when using our software are looking forward to resolving them.

Firstly, we would not recommend you using the previous versions of AVS software, as some bugs have been corrected and the other newest AVS programs might not function properly when used along with the previous versions.

Please make sure that you have converted your file using the latest version of AVS Video Converter (v.

We`d apprecaite if you tried to playback 1) the DVD movie saved on your hard disc after conversion (play VIDEO_TS.IFO file); 2) the DVD disc on your PC, as well as 3) the disc in your DVD player. In which case do you notice picture and sound distortion?

Also open the source WMV file in the program once again, choose the preset, click on Advanced > File Information and make a screenshot of this window. Please attach it here.

Hope to hear from you soon
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Registered: 24.04.2009
29.04.09 12:26:31
I had trouble with the Sound on the BURNED DVD??? Days of frustration.
I had created a video with a bunch of photos. In creating the video you try to syncro the photos on the beat of the music, by constantly positioning the visuals. Finally I finished but had trouble with the sound of the finished DVD. I wondered if you can damage the sound track by constantly re-positioning the pictures? Obviously in my case you can.
HINT: If you create a video this way - DELETE the soundtrack you used to syncro the visuals, then re-introduce your soundtrack again. HOPE THIS HELPS.. Don.
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