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Registered: 01.01.2011
01.01.11 13:58:54
I am unhappy with Video Editor 5.2's inability to customize text for the menus, or ability to drag or edit the chapter boxes to adapt to the my own background image as I could in DVD Authoring. In Authoring, you can also save a chapter menu format you create as a template for future use. These are the features that made DVD Authoring stand above the rest for me. It's why I invested in AVS versus other software.

Yes, Editor 5.2 has some of the features that other comparable programs do, but also Intergrating the vast customization, simplicity of use and functionality of Authoring into the new version of Editor would make Editor one of the the most top notch DVD creating/authoring programs available, if not the top.....believe me, Ive tried lots of them, from free to costly pro versions....these features together in one software would be hard to beat! The main thing that is always missing in even the most sophisticated programs is the ability to almost completely create your own menu. I found that in DVD Authoring and used it daily for over two years.....now thats gone and Im as frustrated with Video Editor 5.2 as I was with the countless software I tried before I purchased... :-(

The worst part...when I downloaded the lates updates for other AVS programs....DVD Authoring was damaged and now I cannot continue to use it, even if I chose to.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
02.01.11 06:55:02
To: lvng4jesus@gmail.com

Thank you for your suggestions. They are valuable and be sure they will be considered for adding to the next version of AVS Video Editor!
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Registered: 04.06.2012
04.06.12 07:59:21
This feature has already been added, right?
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Registered: 20.05.2010
04.06.12 12:35:12
To: tripodzid


Unfortubately, those features are not still added.

Best regards.
Posts: 17
Registered: 07.09.2012
08.09.12 05:17:43
I too would like to see user customizable or designable DVD menus.
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Registered: 12.07.2011
10.09.12 09:30:45
To: dea49

Dear Donald,

We invite you to find all the available menu editing options here. Regret to inform you but the additional editing options haven't been added yet. But thank you very much for the suggestion. It is very important for us.
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Registered: 07.09.2012
13.09.12 06:01:05
To: dea49

I have, for over 12 years used a very popular (expensive) video editing software. Before upgrading to the latest version I researched for a few months what was new. I was very excited to find your software and scrutinized about every user review I could find. Starting out it has many features that are in the current software I currently own. I was very eager to subscribe and I look forward to the evolution of AVS software.

Thank you,

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Registered: 12.07.2011
13.09.12 09:29:27
To: dea49

Dear Donald,

Thank you you very much for your kind words! We are very pleased you enjoy our software and are willing to improve it. Your suggestions are valuable for us and we are trying our best to implement them as far as possible.
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