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Registered: 04.12.2010
04.12.10 17:12:30

I've looked around the forum a few times now, and I'm wondering what is the best file format and configuration for blu-ray conversion with AVS Video Converter 7.x?

I've tested out converting a tsmuxed blu-ray rip to a few different types, and so far the best result has been WMV HD in 720. Downside is you can't import that to iTunes to sync with an iPad or iPhone.

The plan is to have a file at least 720 HD, so playback on the PC and media centre system is still perfect, but I can also import it to iTunes to sync to iPhone and iPad.

Bitrate is where I'm having problems, finding the right settings to avoid blocky pixels on the conversion and maintain a near as dam it sharp picture.

I tend to use a 1080 rip from the blu-ray, and txmux that before letting AVS go crazy on it. Any body have any tips or suggestions for settings and file format?

Currently using a demo copy of AVS, plan is to register if I can get the right result.

Thanks, Matt.
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Registered: 04.12.2010
05.12.10 16:50:41
To: mauckland


Just as a heads up, I attempted to use a customised version of the Apple TV HD Video - (H.264, 1280x720, 24fps) setting under Devices. To customise it I changed the audio channels to 3/2+LFE 5.1, and set the Bitrate to 5000 from 3200, and finally changed the Frame Rate to original from 24fps (24fps is not the correct frame rate for the film). The input file is a txmuxed, in m2ts format, version of Iron Man 2 from a blu-ray rip.

Sadly using these settings caused AVS Video Converter to crash during the conversion, leaving me with a unplayable file. Settings screen grab attached.

However changing the bitrate back to 3200, and leaving the other settings as I detailed above, did work.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
08.12.10 06:22:43
To: mauckland


First of all, iPone and iPad supports h.264 video up to 720p. The preset Apple TV HD Video - (H.264, 1280x720, 24fps) is the best fo this, so we would advise you to convert selecting it.

Best regards.
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