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Registered: 08.10.2010
08.10.10 16:36:40
I have avi videos using a proprietary codec from NewTec that is used on their Tricasters. The codec is installed on my computer and I can play the AVI files through windows media player and other programs, but when I add the file to the converter, It cannot see the video only the audio. So when it converts it coms out with blank audio.

How do I get AVS Video Converter to be able to read this codec. It's installed on my system properly but I can't seem to get the converter to bring up the video.

I'm attaching the files that are used for the codec. Hopefully someone can help
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12.10.10 05:40:02
To: olandir


Sorry for the late reply.

We need one of your avi files to test it. Could you please upload it to our ftp-server? The instructions will be given to you in our support system.

Best regards.
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