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Registered: 17.08.2010
17.08.10 15:05:05
I purchased an unlimited subscription in Apr this year. Now, for some reason, none of the software works. I can open any of them, but when I try to import music videos I just downloaded, I keep getting an error message that the file doesn't exist.
I just redownloaded Video converter and same error message.
I know they are valid because when I click on the downloaded pane, it plays in Windows Media Player as well as Real Player.
I'm not sure if this problem existed before today because I haven't tried to edit or convert anything for about a week.
Is it possible that the web cam I installed has anything to do with it because when I open Video Editor, my web cam activates.
Any ideas why nothing works?
I'm using an HP s5310f w/6gb ram, 600gb hd, Windows 7, Norton 2010 security.
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19.08.10 03:32:03
To: boongsong


As far as I know our support manager Eugene has already been working with you on this issue in our support system. Please follow her instructions to solve the problems.

Best regards.
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