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Registered: 27.05.2010
14.06.10 02:12:41
Is there a possibility to define a validity by time or date for a new generated audio file?

example: Today I create a new audio file with a validity from 2010/06/14 to 2010/06/20. Until to the 2010/06/20 I or others can play the audio file. After the 2010/06/20 playing of the audio file will be prevented.

Or is there a possibility to define a count for playing the audio file.

example: after playing 5 times of the audio file, playing will be prevented for the future...
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Registered: 29.01.2012
16.06.10 13:09:39
To: adrian.zemp@az-solide.ch


Unfortunately, there is no such feature in our software which would allow to define a validity of audio file.

We are sorry for the inconvenience if any.

If any other questions arise, we are here to help.

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