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19.03.10 15:30:50
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22.03.10 01:16:01

It is not quite clear what your task is. Which AVS program are you using?
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09.06.10 03:59:41
To: nadin

As 'unique' as GAMAL's question maybe, I think I've figured it out. At least; it sounds like something I have been wanting too.
I think he's trying to say: "There should be a library for preselecting videos in the VideoEditor."

In the VideoEditor, my repository (where you import video and stuff) fills up really quickly. It would be useful if you could use folders.
That or the current library/repository was made to be project related (i.e. you start a new project; you have to import video's / you reload a project; it also recalls the video's you imported for the project).

That would be helpful, because rather than playing around with a separate viewer, I currently import all video's I intend to use and use the viewer to find out what I want to use followed by dragging them down to the storyboard-thing. I tend to have a lot of separate scenes, so if I had separate folders with files, I would have a better overview of the material I'm working with.

I am aware this opens up a can of worms, giving the implementation options (do you have [named folder] followed by the different formats (images, audio, video etc), or do you have folders within the video folder etc ?), but seen how you (all of you at AVS4YOU) have done so far, I am utterly convinced you'll come up with something simple, elegant and highly effective.

Michael Drost
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10.06.10 06:37:52
To: michael24

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the suggestion.
In the next version of AVS Video Editor it will be possible to create folders and save all the files to necessary folders, folder can be project related as well.

Should you have any suggestions on how to improve AVS4YOU software you are very welcome.

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12.06.10 13:12:21
To: Nat

Thank you very much!

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