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Registered: 13.03.2010
13.03.10 09:24:16
Ok, so I had the issue where none of my files would open. Your support sent me a new ".exe" to replace the old one with. That fixed that problem. However, I continue to have an issue where when I push the "build DVD" button, it will open the burning window with the progress bar, and just not move. It will sit there all day, but the program is still responsive. The second I hit cancel it just goes away.

The software sees my drive, because it's able to identify it. Have you seen this issue before. Please help, I have frusterated clients.


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Registered: 22.01.2009
15.03.10 00:52:20
To: spburns84

One of our support managers has already sent you a reply on the support page. Please provide some additional information asked for.
Also make sure that there is no "&" sign in the name of the output file you have set and in the path for this file. Try saving the output movie to another directory, the one you have administrative permissions for.

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