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Registered: 07.02.2009
21.01.10 18:14:11
Installed the AVS Video Converter (latest try-out version), in order to convert RM video to AVI. Unfortunately the software can't handle all existing RMs, it seems -- for example the news bulletin from the (Serbian) RTS which I record daily. The converter does its best, without complaints, but the result is a full soundtrack with only one video frame...
Although the very old ImToo version I'm using does the job (using mpeg4 codec) properly, I hoped to find a less basic program. Could the problem be a format (RV40 in this case) which has become 'impopular'?
If it is a known issue, I'm ready to reinstall and try out what will (hopefully) be suggested. Tnx in advance.
[59secs specimen attached]
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Registered: 22.01.2009
22.01.10 01:22:32
To: jjvanka

Thank you for attaching the actual file. We have managed to fix this issue. Please unzip and save the new .dll attached to
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVSMedia\ActiveX
If you are asked whether you would like to overwrite the existing .dll, click on Yes.

Then run the Repair utility in order to register the .dll:
1. Close AVS Video Converter and all other running programs and applications.
2. Next follow Start > All Programs > AVS4YOU > Repair.

Please inform us about the result.

Kind regards
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Registered: 07.02.2009
22.01.10 19:03:23
To: nadin

Thank you for the additional DLL, which makes my 'weird' RMs convert to respectable AVIs.
The Repair log however, told me: "AVSMobileDevice2ActiveSync.dll ... Can't load library". But I guess this is not relevant.
Rgds - JJ
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Registered: 22.01.2009
24.01.10 23:41:43
The Repair log however, told me: "AVSMobileDevice2ActiveSync.dll ... Can't load library". But I guess this is not relevant.
As already stated in the following thread, this .dll does not affect functionality of the software.

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Registered: 09.08.2011
17.09.11 05:08:59
I am trying to convert rm1 format to WMV but it is taking forever and also sound and video are not synched up. For example to convert 90MB RM1 format file to WMV it ran about 20 or 30 hours to complete 79% of 90MB RM1 file and I killed it after that as it may take another 6-7 hours which it shouldnt take that long. I have been experiencing several issues converting to AVI and WMV. AVI issue is fixed a bit after going through the form and as suggested started using H.264/AVC Video codec otherwise to convert anything to AVI also took over 10 hours but now I cannot use whatever I like except this codec for better performance. Also to convert RM1 to WMV is taking forever, I tried DVD to WMV that took about couple of hours which is fine but RM1 to WMV is unacceptable. Please help me fix this issue.
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19.09.11 10:48:24
To: Suri K


Speed of conversion depends on input file properties/output settings and PC configuration. Therefore please attach a screenshot of AVS Video Converter>Advanced>Conversion Options, so that we could see input file properties and output settings and also specify your PC configuration - Operating System, CPU, Ram.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.
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