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Registered: 02.12.2009
16.12.09 13:26:10

I was sent a video in MOV format.

This video is clean and shows no problems at all.

But when i play or preview it in:

AVS-Video-converter 6 or AVS Video-Editor or AVS DVD-player

It shows ugly horizontal lines (distortions) like this:

The more movements in the video-pic the more ugly lines.

Since it shows in all 3 softwares ..it must be a known problem with your MOV-codec.

The original file does not show any of these lines..i uploaded it (without touching it with your software)
directly to youtube here:


exactly that same video file is also here:


So now you have the original file and 2 instances of that same file as it comes out at youtube.

But i have to add titles to it...for which i need to use your software

Now...why do all your products have a problem with this file ?..and how to solve ?

Here's the original file...so you can see it yourself and check it's specs...and try it in editor-4, conv-6, Dvd-player.


I need to convert it to 720x1280 16:9 (AVI)-MPEG4 and add titles to it for Youtube-HD.

Needless to mention that...your software is far from Ok, usable or doing what it says it can do.
since i run into problems all the time (see my other thread on sync-problem)...i am most certainly NOT A SATISFIED CUSTOMER !

Please reply asap.
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
16.12.09 13:27:49

The pic went wrong...here it is:

Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
16.12.09 13:33:32
And 3rd try i'm using the image option in this forum...but no pic is shown
so here's the 3rd attempt

I'm know adding this ( http://tinyurl.com/yesynfx) link in between the img codes.

Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
16.12.09 13:38:52
I should add that what is shown on the pic is what i get in both preview and as creation (conv-6, editor-4)
in avs-dvd-player it simply shows as that also.

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The reason - offtop.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
17.12.09 04:27:16
To: janssen


We have already downloaded the file and our developers are now working with it. As soon the solution for you is ready I will notify you. Please wait.
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
17.12.09 05:28:57
I would prefer if you would not edited (read censor) my post

For that reason i would also prefer if ...after you have cooked up a sulution for my problem in this thread
that you publish your solution here..instead of in private support...so others could also learn from it
that is how its done in every forum on the net..obviously not here...this is exactly also one of the things that
i find very remarkable..and makes me suspicious (to say it polite)

I find it amazing that many/most of your solutions are not readable for others..i'm shure you have a good reason for that.
For example i can not imagine that a 6000+ long thread on sync problems are all unique problems that need to be solved
separately and differently..why dont you show these solutions ?

I also hope that if you solve my particular problem by probably exchanging some dll for another one
that this new dll will not cause new problems on other slightly different input-files ..that would not have had problems with the original one.
can you say something about that ?
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
17.12.09 22:41:44

for your solution to mentioned .mov problem.
for your reply on questions above.
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 03:04:33
I need that problematic mov today...it will be monday again
your reply please !
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 04:16:25
Vlad...its now one day later..and te weekend you probably dont work

you told me yesterday that they were looking at it...so what is the result ?
can you not solve it in one day ?
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
18.12.09 04:43:56
To: janssen

We have tested your file. Video in your mov is interlaced, but there is no data about interlacing in the file itself.

Here is the solution for you:

1. Please download the attached AVSQuickTimeFile3_deinterlace.dll. Rename it to AVSQuickTime.dll and copy it to the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVSMedia\ActiveX replacing the old one. Then convert you file.

2. The .dll provided above will affect conversion of other similar quick time format files and can cause some quality problems. So, to avoid it, please close the program after you finish working with this mov file, exchange the first dll with the second dll attached (the second should also have the same AVSQuickTimeFile3.dll).
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 05:49:42
Ok ...thank you.

I will try that today and let know.

remark: i noticed when checking the specs of this file...inside editor-4
it assumes a frame-rate of around 12 which amazed me...indeed that might point to
that it only sees half the frames (interlacing)


On the other hand Youtube can cope with it and dont show the unwanted effects
so obviously their online converter still detected it correctly and was able to do it right
this tells me that they have a mechanism in their converter software that can find the right
stuff without replacing dll's...just trying to say that your usual dll-replacing method
is obviously not neccesary...so maybe you want to look into improving that ?
unless ofcourse we assume that at youtube there's a few higly trained monkees that check each video
actually by watching it...and then try and find the right dll's by hand...untill the pic is right ?
:-D :-D


You have attached also a second dll (AVSQuicktime File 3 1 dll) wich i should replace
after i did my project...i understand that.
So what happens to the older original ? throw that away forever ?
does that mean some other things have been improved also ? (things having nothing to with our current problem?
also should i make a folder...with spare dll's ..just in case ?


Should i keep the first attached dll for later..incase i have another mov file later (also with unspecified interlacing) ?


I already mentioned before that the changing of dll's might cause problems because it could happen
that the latest cant do certain things that the previous could..how can we solve that ?


Would it not be handy to have a online (downloadable) library of your dll's
with a short description of what they are good for..or which problem they may solve ?
seems like a good idea ?



On the sync-problem..why dont you add a slider somwhere (similar to the crop-slider)
which shifts the audio in a video-track slightly ? so we can adjust any out of sync-problems
This is for the audio inside a video-track on the main videoline (not for shifting a possible audio mix)
Probably best as a slider that can go both positive and negative..in steps of maybe 10 or 100 mSec ?
Alternatively a box where you fill in a negative or positive value from -2000 to + 2000 ?


While we are at it you could also have in addition trhe same but then for adjusting the saparate adio-mix
since it is extremly difficult to adjust that to gwet sync with video.


Please reply on each above for maximal understanding

Thanks !
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 08:20:19
Your replacing action causes a problem for me:

You say rename it to "AVSQuickTime.dll" and then replace that for the old one with the same name


i as a new customer am allowed to make such mistakes ...but you not !

So inside converter-4 ....i have only:

AVSQuickTimeFile 3

notice that to what you tell me to rename it does not exist in my current converter-4 ...and dont have have the part "File" to it
now i dont want to overreact so lets say "you get the point"...now i have to do the trial and error way.

In the end as i already mentioned before...your DLL's replacing method is asking for problems
..as you now have proven yourself...i could not have given a better example myself.

lets hope i get it right...and please do reply to my other questions (the last ones in previous message)
a same day reply is the least you can do...in turn for unsatisfying software.

The other problems (sync.fades) we resolve after i have send you the problem files later
( i do that very much against my will...and find it redicioulous..but i have no choice)
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
18.12.09 08:24:03
To: janssen

Please accept my apologies. You should rename the first dll to AVSQuickTimeFile3.dll and replace the original one.
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
18.12.09 08:33:09
To: janssen

Then after using the first dll with your file, get the second AVSQuicktime File 3 1 dll, also rename it to AVSQuickTimeFile3.dll and replace the previous to get things back.
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 08:36:05
It's still not solved ..and as you might expect ..NOW I'M REALLY FURIOUS ]-:)

Your new dll didn't solve it

This is what i did.

1) I removed the file named: "AVSQuickTimeFile.dll" from editor-4
2) I renamed the file "AVSQuickTimeFile3_de-interlace.dll" that you send me to "AVSQuickTimeFile.dll"
3) And pasted that into editor-4
4) Start a new project
5) Drag the mov file to editor-4 ..preview it ans istill see the ugly interlacing problem.

Now this is either caused by you telling me incorrect repair procedures
or you did not solve the problem at all.

Now what is it going to be ?

I feel that you are playing with me...and you are causing big problems for me.

I want this solved immidiatly TODAY...nomatter if you continue helping me i will now start
to seriously talk very negative about you and your software and your useless repair methods !!!
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 08:37:52
See what you are doing...man-o man

you cant even give good support..i'm sick and tired of all of it
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 08:42:59
Lucky enough i'm more clever then you..so i made 2 new folders:

Old AVS dll's
New AVS dll's

and first copied the new and ald ones to these folders.
only then i start to do your confusing procedures.

next time yiou give some advice tell them to first make to folders like i did above

So now tell me exact...letter by letter what i did wrong and what i should do now
and i dont need your excuses...they donbt bring nothing..shame yourself
go stand in the corner and count to 1000 !
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
18.12.09 08:58:01
To: janssen

Once again here is what you should do:

1. Please download the attached AVSQuickTimeFile3_deinterlace.dll. Rename it to AVSQuickTimeFile3.dll and copy it to the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVSMedia\ActiveX replacing the old one. Then convert you file. On preview it may look ugly because of resizing original video for preview view. After conversion the result should not contain interlacing.

2. The .dll provided above will affect conversion of other similar quick time format files and can cause some quality problems. So, to avoid it, please close the program after you finish working with this mov file. Rename the second attached dll to AVSQuickTimeFile3.dll and replace the first one.
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
18.12.09 08:59:35
To: janssen

To: janssen

Regarding your questions:

1) Yes, maybe YouTube has special mechanism to deal with such files. Our developers will think to create similar for our program. But it will take time, of course. Such way would not allow to provide you the fix for you problem quickly within a day. That is why we prefer to solve particular issues with particular files providing dll's personally.

2) You can throw away the original AVSQuickTimeFile3.dll. The second dll which I attached will not work with interlaced file, but will work with other quick time format files properly.

3) I would recommend you to keep the first dll for the case you will receive interlaced file.

4) Depends on particular problem. In your case we provided you the second dll.

5) Prefer not to do that.
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
18.12.09 08:59:48
You see what happens ..you cannot even make such minor error

Now if you are finished counting to 1000 in that corner
..then read this.

It's solved...since i had to guess which file to replace..i obviously took the wrong one.
Now i put everything back to original and replaced the other one...as you told me in you latest reply ..and that solved it.

Please change this redicioulous method..and make one updated folder with all dll's for download
then you add some menu to editor-4 (and other software) where you can change the dll's (they are all available)
so you can try solving a problem by changing the dll's
Needless to say that this needs to be done in such a way that you can not mix up dll's that do different file types or functions
or solve it in some other way..like this its a real mess.

Have a good weekend ..i talk to you again before christmas
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