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Registered: 24.08.2009
24.08.09 16:44:17
In advanced settings there is a pulldown menu for color space. it is defaulted to rgb16. The internal help file says that you can choose different color space settings such as rgb24, rgb32 etc. For some reason i am unable to choose a different setting. As if this option is disabled. When i compare source video to output video I notice that especially in the darker frames there is very noticable lack of color difference. I believe that if I can increase color space that this would resolve the quality concern that i have. Just to see if it made any difference, I tried encoding at the highest quality preset with the same problem. There just aren't enough colors to represent the video correctly. So if this option is available, why can't i change it? If the option is not available, is there a work around for this. I must say that i am very pleased with the audio quality. This is one of the very few programs available that supports wma10 with surround sound. I truly tried about 9 different softwares for archiving my video collection. AVS is appearantly the most promising available. If I can only resolve this color issue, I would have to say that AVS is the perfect tool.
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26.08.09 03:48:06
In advanced settings there is a pulldown menu for color space. it is defaulted to rgb16.
There is a misprint in the advanced window for WMV codec settings: actually the color quality setting should be rgb24. This is the only option available and the quality you get is very close to rgb32, you would not even notice any difference between rgb24 and rgb32 color quality videos. So there is no work around to improve the quality, it is already the best available.

We'll correct the misprint in the next version of the program.

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