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Registered: 11.07.2012
11.07.12 17:54:02
To: nadin

I'm having the hissing distorted sound when converting from .mov to .flv. I don't know where the source of the video came from. I've tried many different ways to convert the sound but it still happens. The sound is fine in the original .mov state. Please advise. Thanks
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Registered: 03.07.2008
12.07.12 08:29:51
To: SimonWongNY


Please, try to use the latest version of AVS Video Converter.

If it doesn`t solve the problem, please, provide some additional information:

- describe your actions step by step;

- specify the origin of the file you are trying to convert ;

- specify to which format you convert and which presets you select;

- inform us if you have such a problem with other .mov files or with files of other formats;

- attach your PC configuration: right-click My Computer, choose Properties, make a screenshot of the General bookmark.

Thank you in advance for the information.

Best regards.
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