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Registered: 05.11.2009
10.11.09 10:22:05
I see many web pages with embedded .swf movies that begin playing pretty much as soon as the page loads. Why is mine taking so long for the movie to begin playing? For example...

Here is a movie over 42 minutes long which begins to play immeidately: http://www3.marketingquickies3.com/playvideo/tellmanknudson

Here is a movie I made which is about 7 minutes long which seems to take forever to begin playing: http://ope.apluminthesyrup.com/

I tried a few different things but without a good result. Is there anything I can do to speed mine up a little?
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Registered: 22.01.2009
13.11.09 00:18:24
To: DanHerzner

The following factors can also affect time required to load the video on a webpage:
1. size (bitrate) of the swf file > try setting a lower bitrate,
2. audio parameters of this file > it's advisable to set 'mono' for audio,
3. which player you are using and its version > try updating your player.

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