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Registered: 22.07.2009
22.07.09 17:54:23
Two questions regarding AVS DVD Authoring software and menu creation:

1. The structure order is "startup, first play video, main page, and chapter pages". Is it possible to delete the "Main Page" menu so that the DVD will play an intro video, and go straight to the chapter page menu that has the individual videos to choose from?

2. For a 16:9 formatted DVD, the videos are all correctly in 16:9, however, the main page menus and chapter page menus are formatted at 4:3. They have the 16:9 box around it but it still chops off the sides to make it 4:3. Also the chapter buttons squash 16:9 videos into 4:3. Can 16:9 menus be created?

I attached the screen shot that shows both the menu I'd like to delete, and the fact that the menu is not 16:9.

Thanks! Great software so far!
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24.07.09 07:47:00
To: chris123

In order to be able to create such a project you will need to open it in the Custom Mode: File >> New Custom Project. No default buttons or layouts will be created.
Just add the first play video, create a button (or several buttons) on the title page and select the necessary function for this button - "play video".
Check the screenshot attached for an example of such a project. A have created only one button that serves for playing the video.
This DVD will start with the first play video followed by the title page with only one button.

Can 16:9 menus be created?

In the next version of the Authoring
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24.07.09 16:34:37
To: cotoPeC

Thanks! I'll try that out. Looking forward to the next version of Authoring for 16:9 menus! Any idea when we can expect that?
Support Manager
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27.07.09 03:29:45
To: chris123

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the approximate date.
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27.11.09 15:56:21
I was told in a previous post that the next version of DVD Authoring will include the ability to create widescreen 16:9 menus.

Is this still true? And if so, when can we expect to see the release of this version?

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04.12.09 07:38:44
To: chris123

Dear Chris,

Unfortunately, release of new version of AVS DVD Authoring has been delayed. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused! As soon as there are any news about new version we will contact you.

Best regards.
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