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Registered: 12.08.2009
12.08.09 07:13:30

After editing audio files, I tell it to save and play it back. It appears to have saved the changes because it plays back fine (with the changes) at the time. But when I close the files and return to them later, the changes have been deleted and the original unedited file remains. I have been through this process several times and the same thing keeps happening.

What is the problem?


P.S. I am using Vista and cannot find where I am supposed to go to check available RAM as someone suggested to me.
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Registered: 12.08.2009
12.08.09 12:37:42
I should add that I reinstalled the program twice and checked the registration key. Neither made any difference.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
17.08.09 04:57:01
To: boyjoey

Which file are you trying to edit in AVS Audio Editor? Please specify its source and format.

When you click on File > Save do you get the progress bar?

Click on File > Save As and choose another directory, type in new file name. As soon as the file is saved, you will be asked whether you would like to open the saved file. Please choose Open and check up whether the changes have been applied.

Hope to hear from you soon
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Registered: 12.08.2009
18.08.09 05:51:14
To: nadin


We think we know what happened. We had exported the file from ADOBE to do further work on in AVS. What we think happened is that we locked the track in as a read only file somehow. When we dumped the original and started again on the raw tape in AUDACITY, we had no problem completing the project. AVS is functioning normally and will save without any special effort. The problem seems to be with ADOBE somewhere. Is it possible to lock the track--and do it by accident?

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Registered: 22.01.2009
19.08.09 04:55:18
We had exported the file from ADOBE to do further work on in AVS.
Please attach the file exported from Adobe which caused the problem - we'll try to clear up what was causing the issue. You can zip and attach the file here.

Best regards
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Registered: 23.10.2010
23.10.10 06:23:45
I am trying to find a way to batch save a large number of files after normalizing them. I have no problem loading the MP3 files and using the "Batch" normalize but then when I pick "Save All" I get the text box asking if I want to overwrite the original file. With over 500 files that need to be normalized I really don't want to sit at the keyboard and click YES for each and every file. I have tried selecting all the files and then selecting "Save As" and saving the file to a different folder but this only works for the last file in the selection.

Does anyone know of a work around for this?
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Registered: 04.12.2010
04.12.10 12:45:14
I can't seem to save any changes to my file in Audio editor. I get the same message every time: unable to save: unknown error
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06.12.10 05:11:03
To: EB86


Could you please specify to which format you save your audio? Does the error occur saving to every format or some certain formats? Also, please specify your PC configuration (Operating System, CPU, Ram).

Also, please repair AVS files:

1. Close all AVS programs and other running applications.

2. Follow Start > All Programs > AVS4YOU > Repair.

If some of the .dlls are not registered, please make a screenshot of the Repair window showing those files and send it to us.

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