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Posts: 2
Registered: 20.07.2009
31.07.09 23:18:32
Hi guys,
I am using MediaPlayer to play some .AVI files. It play it fine but if I start to change play position it can randomly crush. Can you fix it plz ? I am working under Vista and use latest version of MediaPlayer. If you need further information I can provide it.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
03.08.09 02:51:28
To: Laindow

Do you get any error message? Please attach a screenshot.
Try to download the program anew from our website and install it. This might fix the problem.

If this does not help, please specify whether the problem persists when you play some particular AVI files (maybe from the same source)? Try playing them using other players. What is the result?

Posts: 2
Registered: 20.07.2009
07.08.09 02:27:32
To: nadin

Hi, I attached screenshot. You can easy reproduce it if you will change movie position fast few times - that random but usually 3 - 6 times enough. I don't use any another players at same time. Another players works fine with same file but of cause they use different codecs. That looks like your player go into dead loop. It doing something - play sound shortly - again doing something again play sound and windows said program not responding.
That really terrible plz fix it.
Posts: 1786
Registered: 22.01.2009
07.08.09 04:28:44
To: Laindow

Unfortunately, there is no screenshot attached.

You can try reinstalling the program following the instruction:

1. Go Start> All Programs> AVS4YOU> Uninstall.

2. Go Start> Run... Print regedit in the opened window and click Ok. In the opened Registry Editor window please find and delete all AVS4YOU folders.

3. Go Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > AVS4YOU (delete it).
Go Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > Common Files> AVSMedia (delete it).
Go Local Disc (C:) > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > AVS4YOU (delete it).

Now install the program anew on your PC: http://www.avs4you.com/Downloads/AVSMediaPlayer.exe
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