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Registered: 26.07.2009
26.07.09 14:58:18
I need to capture a video that is served up by FileFactory to a website. When I select the title, it opens with the default media player. I was using Windows Media Player for that until I found that Real Player has a "video capture" function which saves the video as a *.rm file.

In order to burn the video to disk, I then used AVS Video Converter to change it to "DVD NTSC Good Quality" and allowed the AVS Video Converter 6.3 burn it to a disk. The quality has degraded significantly from the original video (color washed out, the movie hangs & stumbles, slightly out of sync)

Is there an avs utility that does the capture, thereby bypassing an additional software step? do you have suggestions as to how I might get a better "do" on this capture & burn?
Support Manager
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27.07.09 04:07:43
To: sharonmk@durants.org


Unfortunately, we don't have such software which allows to capture video from web. Could you please upload your captured rm file to our FTP server so we could test it and analyze the problem? The instructions how to upload video to FTP-server will be sent to you by e-mail.
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Registered: 26.07.2009
27.07.09 10:05:46
To: Vlad

I have emailed the file to you. Looking forward to hearing back!
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