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Registered: 03.06.2009
29.06.09 19:41:05
The AVS Video Editor does not properly display 1440 X 1080 from the AVC format in a 16:9 widescreen aspect, during editing or publishing. This format is used by Sony in some cameras and camcorders, such as the HX1 and Webbie HD. It shows this video in a squeezed 4:3 aspect. It would be a simple matter to update the video editor to properly display this video. All the other AVS programs do the same, so it's a problem that is basic to the whole AVS group of CoDecs. As long as this situation persists, the AVS package is useless to those who want to use it with AVC-format 1440 X 1080 videos. Such a video is attached.
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30.06.09 05:03:35
To: Steve McDonald

Unfortunately, the file you have attached here cannot be opened. Please upload it to our FTP server. The instruction has been sent to you on the support page.

Thank you in advance
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07.02.10 09:14:57
I have the same problem. When converted, movies in 1440x1080 resolution are displayed in 4:3 ratio.
Also, any news when 720p 60fps will be available?

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08.02.10 03:16:27
To: Rysio

Have you clicked 16:9 in top menu?
Please try using a possible solution sent to your email address. If it does not help, please write back.

Also, any news when 720p 60fps will be available?
If your input file has 60fps frame rate, you can convert it to a preset offering 30fps setting. This way the output file must be created correctly. To which format would you like to convert this file actually?

In case this is Blu-ray, we are not planning to include a 60fps preset for this format in the next version, because the files created with such frame rate might not be played correctly in a standard player.

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