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Registered: 28.03.2009
10.05.09 00:24:28
I have seen here and elsewhere ideas about how to burn a CD for car radio/cd player use.

I've yet to nail a suitable method of doing this successfully on my Phillips RC600/10 ~ tuner/CD combination. MP3 module included.

So, using AVS4YOU software, how can I get this to work.

I am prepared to try any ideas suggested here and have a stack of blank cd's ready to go.

Basically I'm trying to get heaps of mp3's on one cd so that I can get to know all the rock and roll tunes that I need to know for rock and roll dancing competition, whilst driving around the country.

I have burnt mp3's to a cd using the default settings and though it plays fine in my home media center, it will not play in the car radio/cd player.

Comments anyone?
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Registered: 22.01.2009
15.05.09 06:20:25
To: Snapafun

First please make sure you are not burning your files onto a rewritable disc.
Specify the software you are using. Make sure the session is closed after burning.

have burnt mp3's to a cd using the default settings
Which settings exactly do you mean?

Specify the parameters of your MP3 files (bitrate, frequency, mono or stereo). We`d recommend you burning MP3 files with the same bitrate onto one disc.

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Registered: 28.03.2009
23.05.09 15:53:15

Sorry for the delayed reply ~ on a redundancy slide right now.

Basically I used only the GUI features to create a cd.

From within AVS Disc Creator:

1. Selected " Create MP3 CD "
2. " Add Files " (Selected from My MP3 collection)
3. " Start Burning "

And basically AVS4You did the rest.

To assist here I've included one of the tunes so that helpers here can determine what it is I have to do to the tunes to get them to play on my car radio. NB: This car radio is one of the earlier type that had MP3 capability added to enhance sales ?

I guess I need to configure some settings before I burn these tunes and need to understand how to proceed from here.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Registered: 22.01.2009
02.06.09 04:30:27
To: Snapafun

Our testing team has not found any drawbacks as for MP3 CD playback burnt with AVS software on car radio CD players.

So please could you still make sure:
- your player does support MP3 playback (MP3 discs burnt with any other program or purchased in stores are recognized by the player);
- you use a CD-R disc for burning (if yes, still specify disc type used, manufacturer, speed);
- the session is closed after burning.

Hope to hear from you soon
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